Poker Etiquette – Necessity For the Gamers

A poker player is one who takes all the decisions very intelligently making sure that they would always take him towards the winning end. These decision making qualities are in-born in some players while others learn about this art of decision making by looking at others and gaining information from the masters in this field. Every game needs attention, discipline and dedication. The poker game also requires a good amount of dedication. Players should be very careful while playing the game as any wrong step taken can take them towards failure pussy888

You should implant all the below mentioned etiquette inside yourself in order to master the game and gain huge profits:-

1. Always be polite- Never humiliate the other players in any manner. Always behave as a gentleman (or a gentle lady).
2. Discard your hands respectfully- You should never toss your cards at the dealer or towards your opponent in an aggressive manner. Do it very pleasingly.
3. Never smoke near the poker table- you should never smoke or place the cigarettes on the poker table as it would be considered as indecency.
4. Never expose the hole cards- When discarding your hand, never expose your 2 Hole Cards – this is poor sportsmanship. If you are playing online, avoid flaunting them through the interactive chat facility.
5. Don’t be abusive- If you catch a fight with any of your opponents, try solving it amicably rather than using foul languages which would disturb the surroundings.
6. Never use under-handed mechanisms to win- You should play the game very honestly avoiding any under-handed mechanism.
7. Tip the dealer during tournament deals- If you emerge as a winner, don’t forget to tip the dealer.
8. Never educate during the poker game- While playing poker avoid providing any sort of information to the opponents as they can easily take undue advantage of it and cause you harm.

Keeping these things in mind, you can very well achieve a good position as a poker player along with huge money gains.

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